Kolhapuri Chappal: A Traditional Footwear for Girls and Women

Our rich cultural legacy is symbolized by kolhapuri chappal chappals. It is a well-liked option among the nation's residents. Without the correct footwear, your ensemble is lacking something. You won't appear complete if your dress is amazing but you haven't matched it with the appropriate shoes. 

Your shoes may make a big difference in how you look, whether you are attending a formal or casual occasion. The most popular chappal among girls is kolhapuri. For girls, kolhapuri is the most well-known type of footwear.

Kolhapuri chappals are handcrafted shoes composed entirely of leather. The most popular style of footwear whenever it comes up is kolhapuri chappal. It's well-known not just in rural but also in urban areas. 

Types of kolhapuri chappals

kolhapuri chappal for women comes in different colors and styles. It has main 4 categories:

  • Couture kolhapuri chappal

Couture kolhapuri chappal gives you fancy vibes, you can wear it during the shaadi season.  

  • Casual kolhapuri chappal

Casual kolhapuri chappal can be worn with the everyday look. College university-going girls wear it with their daily casual look.

  • Festive kolhapuri chappal

Festive Kolhapuri Chappal is best for your festivals. Girls wear these kolhapuri at every kind of event.

Material of kolhapuri chappals

kolhapuri chappal is made of leather, its material makes it strong. Some of the articles are even waterproof. The shoes' quality is quite important. Wearing footwear that is uncomfortable or composed of hard materials will undoubtedly hurt your feet. For this reason, selecting your shoes carefully is crucial. The appropriate kolhapuri chappal elevates your style game. It distinguishes you from other people.

Is Kolhapuri Chappal’s Season Specific?

The kolhapuri chappal's greatest feature is that it may be worn in both summer and winter. Wearing the kolhapuri chappal with a kurta or a kurta and shalwar together offers you a stylish and modern look.

How to Style kolhapuri chappal?

There are many ways to style kolhapuri chappal but here we will discuss the most basic styles, that complement your overall look.

  • Keep it Simple

kolhapuri chappal for girls is the most favorite article among footwear. You can wear it with pajamas and shalwar.

  • Keep it Classy

If you are wearing the wrong footwear, then it will affect your overall look. Therefore to elevate your complete look, you must select the right article for your festivals. If you are attending a casual event then you must wear the basic style of kolhapuri chappal. It will give you a rich look

How Kolhapuri Chappal is Made?

Kolhapuri chappal is handmade footwear, only skilled laborers can make it. Workers with more than 3 years of experience can create it. More than one artisans are involved in it, which are experts in beating, stitching, and cutting. Women are also involved in this process, they aid in decorating the article with beads and ornaments. 

How does Dazzle Kolhapuri Chappal Add Value to your Events?

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Is Dazzle Kolhpuri Comfortable?

The key selling point of the Dazzle footwear is their comfort level. The clients have given their feedback on our social media pages that they have worn it for hours and they haven’t felt any blister or rash on their feet.

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Adaptability of Kolhapuri Chappal Footwear

You can wear kolhapuri chappal at every event. Whether you are going to the office, school, or any event. kolhapuri chappal for women comes in different styles. Dazzle by Sarah has the best handmade Kolhapuri.