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      Buy Khussa Shoes Online - Beautiful Pakistani Khussas for Ladies

      khussas offer far more comfort than any other shoe. These shoes are all girls' favorite, you can wear them at every event. 

      Types of Khussa

      Dazzle by Sarah offers various styles of khussa shoes. This includes backless khussa, jutti, and nawabi khussa. Are you wondering how to style your next pair of khussa? We round up the ladies' khussas on the block and also share the coolest ways to rock them in style.

      Backless Khussa Shoes

      Backless khussas are our all-time hot seller. The comfort level that these shoes provide is unmatchable.

      Nawabi Khussa

      Nawabi khussa is famous for its unique online, it is a traditional sort of article. It represents the cultural heritage of the country.

      Khussa Jutti

      Khussa jutti is made of a unique material. Our experts design the article after thorough research.

      Khussa Loafer

      Team Dazzle by Sarah has experienced how particular ladies are about their khussa. Therefore they have made the khussa loafer, which is very comfortable.

      Khussa Peeptoe

      Peeptoe is famous for its pointed toe, it is a blend of Asian culture. they have soft inner, which is made of pure material.

      Peshawari Khussa

      Peshawari khussa has delicate embroidery, which represents Peshawari culture. These shoes ensure the style and comfort of the wearer.

      khussa Broguester

      Handmade khussas broguester has the perfect natural leather. The best quality fabric can be paired with a shalwar kameez, or with your favorite jeans. It is sure to win everyone’s heart and to look instantly statement-making. 

      Jewelry Khussa

      Pakistani Classical jewelry khussas are every desi girl’s dream to style. It is the personification of casual and formal looks.