A Khussa put together with much love and passion by its creators proudly called ‘Karigars’. Magicians who curate nothing less than a fairy-tale shoe with their bare hands blessed with unmatched craftsmanship.

The story begins with a designer meticulously sketching a masterpiece for the karigars to breathe life into. The karigar then transfers the sketched design onto an ‘adda’ to work his charm on with delicate embellishments. Passing the hand-embroidered piece of fabric to the jutti-maker to put together a shoe that would be known for its finesse, luxury and comfortability.

Every pair of our Khussa Shoes narrate a story of labor and love. A process overlooked, a passion unacknowledged and a skill taken for granted. Let’s preserve our heritage, celebrate our culture, promote and shop handmade ladies shoes.