Features of Perfect Wedding Shoes

Features of Perfect Wedding Shoes

More often than not, bridal shoes are the last thing we girls decide when finalising our desi wedding look. One of the reasons being that we think they could be easily picked last minute from any regular store or a market and then that bridal shoe selection becomes our worst nightmare. Therefore it is crucial that we plan our fancy khussas and kolhapuris at least a month before our wedding date. Following could be some helpful tips.

Order your favorite shoes well before time

Time is always limited and it’s best that you order your fancy sandals or khussas well before your wedding day. Your shoes should be your last thing to worry about when putting together the look. Last minute shopping spree for just finding the right pair of shoes can cause unnecessary hassle and that is something which the bride would definitely like to avoid. To avoid delay in delivery and a delivery of perfect hand-embroireded bridal shoes, order now from Dazzle by Sarah.

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Pick a shoe that has velvet or suede lining

Getting the shoe on time is one thing but the most important factor is getting the ‘right’ shoe. A khussa or jutti or kolhapuri that has a velvet and a double-padded cushioned sole to avoid shoe bites and blisters, is most important of all. Dazzle khussas ensure the most luxurious comfort as all its shoes are carefully handcrafted with great attention to detail to avoid any discomfort for the brides.

Red Bridal Shoes 

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Order a size bigger to avoid shoe pinching or blisters

This is the hack no one will tell you! It’s always wise to go for a size up when opting for a closed shoe like khussa. Closed shoe usually tend to run a size smaller as the foot couldn’t really reach the last end of the shoe to be true to the standard sizing. Moreover if you plan on ordering from Dazzle so always go for a size up as Dazzle designer khussas and kolhapuris are padded with foam. If the delivered size happens to be only a half or one size bigger then you always have an option of inserting shoe sole to fit into the khussa.

Bridal wedding Shoes

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Try them before your wedding day

Just as we suggested in Tip # 1 that it is better to order well before time so that you can always have a cushion to ask for a replacement just in case the ordered size doesn’t fit you all. Our Customer Care team at Dazzle by Sarah is very helpful in assisting you post-purchase as for us, our customers are everything!

It’s also better to try and walk in your bridal shoes because that way you will be able to break into the shoe well before the day. As we offer leather juttis and khussas, they expand about half an inch and take the shape of your feet after wearing them twice or thrice.

Bridal Wedding Shoes

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BONUS TIP: Get your Bridal Shoes Customised

Here’s leaving a bonus tip for you! If you are a bride who likes to keep all things special close to her heart and to reminisce about it for life then I would suggest you go to get a bespoke bridal shoe made. We at Dazzle by Sarah customize our bridal shoes as per the bride’s need. All you have to let us know is about your wedding outfit color palette and share a few close up images of your bridal outfit. Our Fashion Consultant will provide you with hand sketches of your bespoke bridal shoes for your approval and then get it manufactured with great love and care.

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Dazzle by Sarah is the answer to all your shoe-related doubts. All you have to do is to get in touch with your Fashion Consultant and get a perfect wedding shoes customised for yourself. 

Bridal Shoes
It will not just be a pair of khussa shoes but a piece of art that will stay with you for the rest of your life as a constant memory of your big day celebrations.