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      Best Wedding Shoes for Bride

      Every bride wishes to wear red bridal shoes, gold bridal shoes, black bridal shoes and overall fancy bridal shoes yet they want to have comfortable bridal or wedding shoes. This is why we at Dazzle by Sarah always offer a wide range of color palettes for our brides to choose from. They can get their favorite red color or any other color for that matter to match their bridal look altogether.  

      Custom Bridal Shoes

      We have talked to hundreds of brides and have always found one thing in common in all of them they all want customized bridal shoes. They believe that their day is too special for them as it will be the day they will be tying the knot so they always want it to be remembered and cherished. Therefore we have fulfilled this wish of many brides by making them customised bridal shoes.

      How can I get my Bridal Shoe Customised?

      Many brides have gotten their nikkah name written at the back side of the khussa or jutti and many have selected their official wedding hashtag to be handcrafted at the jutti or khussa back. 

      We have personally witnessed how cute wedding pictures come out to be of these custom bridal shoes when our brides post on Instagram and share them with #DazzleGirl. 

      Launching Bridal Heels

      Bridal heels will be a treat to all brides who wish to wear heels on their big day and want to add an extra oomph to their dreamy bridal look. But it’s really hard to find comfortable bridal shoes that wouldn’t bite your toes, therefore Dazzle is planning to launch bridal heels as well. A team of designers at Dazzle by Sarah thoughtfully researches on what the brides of the modern era want to style on their big day.