Dazzle X Shiza Hassan


You know the amount of times you’ve gone for shopping, got the perfect outfit you wanted, but still had to worry over what shoes you would wear with that outfit? YES, us too! So, we decided to look into this matter and come up with solutions to this styling problem of ours.


That’s when we hit jackpot and came up with the idea of collaboration between a leading fashion powerhouse, and a leading fashion shoe brand. 

Together with the Pakistani fashion designer, Shiza Hassan, known for her beautifully created traditional Pakistani dresses and bridals, we at Dazzle created three juttis (khussa) shoes that effortlessly complemented all formal and casual wear. Keeping up with the ever-changing fashion shoe trends, we finally settled on a range of vibrant colour palettes, distinct flower patterns and glass-beads – all of which ultimately proved to be the standout factors of this collection.


First born was ‘Pink Lotus’ that swept us all off our feet – or let’s just say, made us want to automatically put our feet into them. These ladies khussa are perfect for all those ‘floral’ fans out there! Pakistani dresses, whether casual or formal – this pair goes with everything.



Shop our ‘Pink Lotus’ Juttis online for Rs. 5,550.00/-


Secondly we materialized ‘Gold Rush’ that sure did awaken a rush of craving within us – wanting to get our hands (or feet) on these juttis (khussas) as soon as we could. The substantial 3D blooms on the gold colored base are enough to give any outfit the final oomph factor that they need!



Shop our ‘Gold Rush’ Juttis online for Rs. 3,850.00/-


Lastly, we finished up ‘Carolina’, a ladies juttis (khussa) that is perfect for all those minimalist, yet classy fashionistas out there! The ornate dainty blooms of water lilies exude elegance. It sure has all the merits of becoming the go-to khussa shoes that perfectly complement all Pakistani dresses or western outfits of the season! 


Shop our ‘Carolina’ Khussas online for Rs. 3,550.00/-

So what are you waiting for? Check out our ‘Dazzle by Sarah X Shiza Hassan’ collection so you can shop these khussas online and keep yourself prepared for any expected or unexpected festive event that may fall your way.

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