Dazzle by Sarah X Suffuse


Lo and Behold! The Pakistani wedding season now commences!

The kind of excitement that this one phrase or even the thought of it brings us is unmatchable! This is one of those times of the year when we finally get a chance to flaunt those fancy Pakistani suits, dresses and juttis. Dazzle by Sarah understands the struggle girls go through while putting their ensembles together and the outpour of sadness when things don’t work out.

This is why, Dazzle, together with Suffuse, acclaimed for their creative Pakistani bridal dresses and formal-wear, bring to you a guide to shine through this festive season. On one hand, you can wear those beautifully lavish outfits by Suffuses Freesia Luxury Edition, while at the same time, flaunting our collection of Luxury Juttis.


First of all, we present the absolutely dazzling Nimra Jaqob, wearing the article ‘Roseate’ by Suffuse a brilliant Pakistani dress, paired with our majestic ‘The Empress’ Juttis.

This head to toe ensemble, especially the pearls and mirror work on our khussas, will undoubtedly make you feel like a queen, we promise!


Shop our ‘The Empress’ Juttis now online for Rs. 3,250.00/-


Secondly, we have the very pretty Sana Rajput, wearing the piece ‘Rose Blanc’ by Suffuse, so elegantly complemented with our ‘Pink Lotus’ Juttis. The blooms and cut-dana jaal on these khussas surely spellbind and make them completely irresistible.

The perfect pair of dazzle juttis to give your festive attire the final oomph factor!


Shop our ‘Pink Lotus’ Juttis now online for Rs. 5,550.00/-

So look no further! Dazzle by Sarah provides the perfect range of luxury juttis under all those Pakistani suits and dresses for all your festive events!


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